The Tradition of Silk Weaving

The Alois Silk Weaving Company was founded in 1885 as a commercial enterprise operating within the traditional silk sector in the San Leucio area created by the Bourbons already in 1770. In 1895 Raffaele Alois (also known as the “Main Boss”), progenitor of the current fifth generation, enlarged the production and the creation of fabrics, specialising right from the origins, within the interior decoration sector whilst maintaining the refined characteristics typical of the silk environment.

Despite the fact that, today, the Alois fabrics are considered by all as being the “San Leucio Fabrics”, the story is quite different. It was in a yard belonging to an old building situated in Via Quercione, in Briano, that Raffaele Alois started his silk manufacturing activity that still today is famous worldwide.

In 1930, the Alois company already possessed 45 jacquard looms and75 employees. Between 1961 and1980 their presence on the market increased by purchasing another three plants still within the Leuciana area and by integrating the productive cycle with the dying of the fibres used.

In 2002, the Alois companies had more than 200 employees and the commercial presence on the main worldwide markets, ranging from Europe to North America, from Japan to the Arab Emirates: 60% of the company’s turnover derived from exportation.

The Alois products’ strong points, that have allowed its noticeable increase on the markets throughout the past decades, are linked, other than the intentional image of a traditional company but also to the typical niche physiognomy of its product that has very specific characteristics:

  1. the fabric is always designed by using advanced, state-of-the-art weaving techniques with the aim of obtaining a pleasant, innovative product from an aesthetical point of view;
  2. the colours used are always the fruit of stylistic choices and in line with the clients’ taste;
  3. the fibres used are extremely varied and precious and these range from organza silk to mercerised cotton, from linen to fired viscose, from Trevira c.s., to Kanecaron and others which are often mixed together in order to obtain new optical effects that frequently anticipate taste and induce decorative fashion trends.

There is a prevailing use of Jacquard looms so as to obtain extremely sophisticated weaves such as damasks, lampasso, brocades, liseres, lance fabrics that are elaborated and planned directly by the numerous designers that are present in the company. Also ratièr looms are used in order to produce fabrics to be blended with the materials used, such as cloth, satins, shantung and Ottomans used together in harmony so as to created striped and plain fabrics. The research based on traditional local fabrics, classical documents, the analysis of the various structures and the refined re-visitation of the colourings have made it possible for the ALOIS company to become a “reference point” for interior design fabric creators worldwide.

In 2005 Edda and Bernardo, Giovanni and Marinella Alois’ children continued the age-old family tradition with the Alois Tessitura Serica Company.

With ATS Alois Tessitura Serica, the refined, exclusive design, the high quality of the fabrics that were once hand-worked on the Jaquard looms and which needed approximately ten hours in order to produce only one metre of fabric, today give way to the latest generation with the utmost productive capacity, capable of producing fabric at high speed and with optimum precision.


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