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Fabrics, Tradition, Passion since 1885

We strongly believe that a successful company is primarily made up professional, trustworthy people who have a long experience on the front line and are able to make accurate, measured decisions at the right moment. Decision-making is guided by a strong philosophy of teamwork; trust and transparency characterize both our external and internal relationships, which are always based on a deep, professional know-how. Our aim is to create collections that are unique in both style and technique, anticipating modern and classical designs and adapting them to the influences and current trends that are inevitably awaiting them. We are aware that we work in a very competitive market and for this reason we are constantly investing in the professional development of our staff so that we are at the forefront of new processing techniques and materials. Today our clients are constantly being asked to deal with new challenges in order to give every product a unique touch. We are aware of all this and we try to always be ready, working on the ideas of the designers for our clients’ success.

- Giovanni Alois

Culture is the rule; art is the exception. - Jean-Luc Godard


Giovanni and Bernardo Alois


Giovanni Alois (Fourth generation)

Giovanni Alois was born in Caserta in March 1962. As a child, the company was where he lived and played living above the weaving mill, in the historic building Alois, where his great-grandfather, Raffaele Alois, in 1885 began the 'art’ of producing fabrics. Giovanni would regularly watch the weavers working with silk and follow his father Bernardo "great master", around the family mill. From an early age Giovanni was absorbing the secrets of the Alois way of producing fabrics. After high school, he began his work, devoting himself to the study and the purchase of raw materials. His love of the craft was nurtured by his uncles and at the age of 25 he was asked to lead the quality control aspect of the business. Over the years Giovanni developed his practical experience in the field of weaving preparation and production which would be crucial in the years to come. In 1996 ​​he took control of the family business with his five cousins. With hard work and delivering what the customers wanted he was able to grow the business year on year until 2002 when Giovanni left the fabric business to develop his winery ‘Tenuta Castle Campagnano’. In 2005, Giovanni decided to return to textiles. He wanted to create something new (alone, without any relativies) and push the boundaries of fabric production. He employed 14 of the regions best weavers and 10 jacquard looms and thus Alois Tessitura Serica was born. Now Giovanni oversees the strategic growth of the company and in his leisure time he continues the tradition laid down by his father and grandfather of hunting and fishing, he loves to sit quietly in the green spaces or in the sea and enjoy friends, tranquillity and nature.

Giovanni Alois

Sales Manager

Bernardo Alois (Fifth generation)

Bernardo was born in Caserta in May 1984. In 2002 he graduated high school and began a degree course in Legal Sciences at the Second University of Naples during the course of his studies he was awarded scholarships to attend Project Erasmus and invited to Stanford University to write a dissertation on E-commerce. At the age of 23 he became involved in the family business, moving to London to develop the client base in the region. He returned to Italy in 2008 to lead the development of the renowned Broccatello Belvedere collection. In 2009 he was tasked with heading up the design and both regional and international sales. A lover of books, travel and motorcycles, Bernardo Alois loves to push the boundaries of his own comfort zone. Bernardo has a real appreciation of the importance of time and seeing all that the world has to offer. He has embodied this by reaching North Cape on motorcycle in 3 weeks covering 15 countries and completing his first Ironman 70.5 in 2015.

Bernardo Alois

Sales Manager

The Team

Silk manufacturers of San Leucio

The company is one of the leading silk manufacturers of San Leucio. It stems from a tradition developed by entrepreneurs over the centuries. From the experience of five generations, as well as the expertise of workers whose skills were well known even to the King of Naples, it was possible to create a company that was technologically advanced, unique in Italy and strong in the production of San Leucio silk. After upheavals of the family business at the end of the twentieth century, Giovanni Alois founded an innovative manufacturing company in respect to the tradition taught to him by the pope Bernardo, grandfather Giovanni and great-grandfather Raffaele. After a very radical change, an industry with hundreds of workers is back to being and thriving in the hands of Giovanni and Bernardo Alois - the only textile mill within the Alois family.

Tradition, cultural heritage, and an endless archive of drawings from the owners’ private collection dating back to the Bourbon dynasty produce jacquards, brocades, damasks, liseres, and taffetas of divine art that furnish the most sumptuous, elegant and distinguished residences in the world. The fabrics are made by master craftsmen selected in San Leucio, a small town of Caserta founded by Ferdinand II for the purpose of manufacturing products for royalty. Their training took place from an early age in family businesses and trade schools unique in the world that concentrated in the training and education of the art of the manufacture of silk artifacts dating back to the early eighteenth century

The risk, passion, determination, courage, and love for their traditions brought the family to build and revolutionize a humble and pure art form so unique and special cultivating a craft that turns designs into masterpieces. The true artistry of Alois Tessitura Serica S.R.L is recognized all over the world with their textiles being exported to over 40 countries. The principle of Giovanni and Bernardo Alois and the company they have built demonstrate that being international, avant-garde and always current can be achieved by simply nurturing and mastering the thread of a silkworm throughout the centuries.

Design Studio

Production Development

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